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R&C engagement

When I first saw that Cameo and Robb had started dating I thought to myself, ‘now there’s a perfect match!’ So when I got a text one day from Cameo saying, “I have news to tell you!” I knew right away Robb had popped the question!

These two are seriously so sweet! I loved watching from behind the lens as Robb would tease Cameo, making her laugh and just seeing the big smiles they have for each other. Hearing the story of their first date was too adorable. Robb took Cameo out to supper at the Fireside Bistro, they were both so nervous and wanted to impress each other. (I’m not to sure if it was Robb or the mushroom linguini that won Cameo’s heart first ūüėČ )

I’m so excited for you two and I wish you more than the best


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D&L engagement

Over the past year it has been so awesome being roomies with Laura. Although her engagement to Damen means I must say goodbye to the luxury living at the condo -rip rooftop hot tub- I can 100% say I am beyond ecstatic for Damen and Laura!!

Naturally I was very excited that Laura asked me to do their engagement photos, and they made my job easy breezy, being so cute and natural together. It was so lovely to photograph this dreamy couple.

It has been so awesome getting to know Damen and Laura better and see first hand what an awesome team they make, being able to put together a wedding in two months is testament to that alone! You guys are such a sweet couple and I so look forward to sharing the same city as you two!



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Tuesday @ 2, April 29, 2014

It’s time for our Tuesday @ 2 project! This is a fun bi annual post that has turned into an interactive project with our readers. A glimpse into people’s lives on a random Tuesday at 2.¬†Yesterday¬†we had images sent to us¬†from Australia, Japan, Canada and of course, ‘Merica.

If you are interested in participating with our next Tuesday @ 2 project,  please shoot us an email and we would love to see what you come up with.


As the afternoon hit here today, I was strummin the “cold winter day” away :). Caitlyn Stymest. Australia


Female rider/archer in Katsuyama Horseback Archery Festival, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan (the festival celebrates a 900 year tradition of archery on horseback perfected in this area of Japan). Brenda Petays. Japan



Studying for psychology class. Wendy Doizer. Quantico, VA



Out for an afternoon walk with my little guy the day after our spring snow storm. Carla Shultz. Osage, Saskatchewan.



The life of a 1 month old….crying through a diaper change. Juanita Malcolm. Saskatoon, Saskachewan.



Although this is the 5th floor of the Pasqua Hospital, I pretend its my penthouse. Look at that view. Ballah status. Vanessa Petays. Regina, Saskatchewan.



Working on the shower at home. Philip Petays. Rocanville, Saskatchewan.



New flooring for the spare room. Raymonde Petays. Rocanville, Saskatchewan.



What I always do on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday……Cat. Rocanville, Saskatchewan.



From where I stand. Jenelle Quigley. Tribune, Saskatchewan.

Jenelle @ 2 bw


Picking greens for our salad tonight from our container pots in our backyard. Jennifer Tschetter. Eugene, Oregon.



Taking the day off work to go biking with a friend. A day spent grinding uphill, flying downhill and jumping logs is a good day. Wayne Tschetter. Willamette National Forest, OR.



Just arrived at Point Loma and about to embark on a tide pool adventure with the fam jam. Melissa Petays-Cooke. Point Loma, San Diego, CA



Some gave all. Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, a Federal military cemetery. David Cooke. Point Loma, San Diego, California.



A view out the airplane window. Heading home after a great sisters trip to San Francisco. Sara Tschetter. Somewhere over California.



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Oh Canada!

Always so much memory making when back home in Saskatchewan. ¬†Boat races in the stream, swimming and story telling over the fire. ¬†Snake/frog/moose hunting, valley exploration and food (pizza pops), food (Old Dutch chips), and food (fish head soup)! ¬†And it wouldn’t be a trip to the Petays house without a boom and something flying through the air. ¬† ¬†instagram2









AND this happened!! ¬†Our large family is hard to get together all at one time much less convince everyone to pose for a family picture! ¬†When planning our trip home it didn’t look as though we’d all overlap at any point. ¬†So this actually wasn’t suppose to happen but here we all are…together for a couple of hours AND making time for a family photograph!


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Monday@2 – family

What does your Monday at 2pm look like?

Photos in order of timezone:

I had planned at bike trip around Alajärvi Lake but duck season opened at 12 noon today, several hunters were out firing shots on the lake so I stopped at 2pm at the Pynttäri grain elevator to photograph a favorite structure.

Alajärvi, Finland, Brenda Petays

The dad cutting up as usual…two lifts of PWF for two more quality buildings at AFAB.

Rocanville, Saskatchewan, Philip Petays

Break from laundry.

Rocanville, Saskatchewan, Raymonde Petays

Round two at college life.  I have surrendered myself to the books and studying.  #nomorelife

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Vanessa Petays

Cruisen’ on through Nebraska! State number 7 of the 10 states we will go through on our journey to our new life adventure in Oregon. ¬†The flat land and huge sky remind me of beautiful ‘ol Saskatchewan!

Soon to be Eugene, Oregon, Jennifer Petays-Tschetter

Day two of being sick with a cold (a cold, in the summer?  not cool!)  So I decided to lounge instead of cleaning up the dust bunnies that have invaded my house!

Yuba City, California, Melissa Petays-Cooke

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