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Summer Lovin’ ….us too!

…and what a crazy summer its been!? Its been a while since I’ve had a minute to LOOK at photos I’ve taken this summer, much less BLOG about them! We are getting settled here in Eugene…and thought I’d make one BIG blog about our summer adventures. It’s hard to believe all of this happened in a few short months! I loved the craziness of our summer…but it is nice to slow down and get back into a routine.

Dre seems to have inherited my love for the beach and the pool–and so any moment that we weren’t busy packing…Dre and I were at the beach!

I asked 2 of my beautiful sisters to come out for a farewell New York tour and side road trip to Ohio for a wedding. We had an amazing time with LOTS of laughs! Here are a few of our ‘Farewell NY’ photos…

We cruised all over the city-including the High Line, Washington Square and the ever entertaining and unique Coney Island!

After 4 years of attempting to get tickets…I finally got tickets to a taping of The View! What a coincidence that my sisters happened to be here at the same time..AND within weeks of us leaving! I’m a huge fan of Barbara Walters and was once again completely charmed by her effortless grace. Whoopi on the other hand…maybe not so graceful but totally HAlarious!

We also jacked tickets to Jimmy Fallon–always high energy and super fun! We got to see the uber cute Elijah Wood, the beautiful Freida Pinto and of course…The Roots!

Here are 2 screen shots from the show…as always…the Jimmy Fallon show is full of shenanigans!

One of the most important parts of our summer was Wayne defending his thesis…and passing! I couldn’t be more proud of this super smart, super handsome man!

In my eyes there is nothing more stunning that a beautiful Marchesa gown…but the Niagara Falls may just give Marchesa run for their money! We had to make a quick trip to Canada to exchange our visa’s…and it was a fantastic little getaway. I’ve seen a zillion photos of the falls…and yet when you see them yourself…you are at a loss for words. Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.

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The countdown has started!

Only 18 days until New York Fashion Week! For the past 3 years I’ve attended and loved every minute of freezing my toes off waiting for the celebs to attend the shows. However, this whole baby thing is cramping my style in more ways than one! Standing for 10 hours a day in the freezing cold, shoving it out with other camera men on slippery sidewalks and running the whole day on adrenaline….is probably not the ideal place for a 8 month pregnant lady…wah!

So this seasons coverage will be a few blog posts short of last seasons. Nonetheless, I’d feel lost if I missed the whole event…so I’ll be heading there for only a day or two. There will be a few things different this season.  Rather than battling it out with the paparazzi…I’ll be creeping a few feet back with my zoom lens, rather than running backwards to get the perfect shot of Heidi Klum…I’ll likely be running for my ever-so-often bathroom breaks and instead of trying to look all fashionable and cute…WAIT! there is NO excuse…a lady should always strive to be fashionable and cute…even with a giant watermelon strapped to her stomach:)

Fingers crossed for an Olsen sighting this year!

A few celeb shots from fall 2010…



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The Fashion Show

I was super stoked when I got a call saying that I was invited to the filming of the season finale of ‘ The Fashion Show, Season 2′. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, it is a series Bravo started to replace its former hit Project Runway. The show is about fashion designers competing to become the next big name in fashion. The contestants compete against each other to create the best garments and are usually restricted in time, materials, and theme.

This year the judges were fashion designer Isaac Mizrahisupermodel Iman, as well as Mary J. Blige, Glenda Bailey (Harper’s Bazaar) and Laura Brown (Harper’s Bazaar).

There were 3 designers that competed to the end…but for show security they didn’t allow audience to see all 3 shows. Wayne and I were lucky (it helps to have a hot husband!) and got front row seats for both shows.  Sorry, but I wasn’t allowed to take in my camera…or my phone-so I don’t have any pictures:(

It was mentioned that for the designer’s final collections they had 7 days to create 10 looks! I’m not a designer or a seamstress… but I do know that is not a lot of time! This resulted in a few unfinished looks…a few strings hanging off the ends of the skirts…and a lot of unfinished hems. I can’t say a lot about the show….but the second show was far better than the first-the colors, the cohesiveness and the overall ideas for the garments.

The families of the designers were from Ohio, Seattle and California. At least that is what the family members were saying-so maybe that gives us some hints;) After one of the shows, some of the family of the designers were crying and hugging each other. It was kinda cute to see the support and that this isn’t just a TV show…its a designer’s chance at breaking into the business.

It was a fantastic day…not only was I at a fashion show, but I was sitting directly across from the gorgeous Iman.  And to top it all off I got to spend this dream day with my hunky husband! Luvs!

Some of the crew relaxing before the show

Where the show was held.

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Keeping it real with Dr. Oz

While mom was here in New York we got tickets to go to a taping of the Dr. Oz show. I love going to show tapings…its so interesting to see the cameras, the set….the way the whole show comes together.

A few things I learned from Dr. Oz:
→The best day to go grocery shopping is Wednesday-all the new groceries are put out and old stuff on sale.
→Don’t keep your eggs in the door of the fridge AND don’t keep your potatoes & onions in the fridge.
→The best day to make a doctor appointment is on a Monday.
→Keeping a fern or spider plant in our living areas can purify and rejuvenate air within our homes. They also safeguard us all from side effects connected with toxins such as formaldehyde, ammonia and also benzene.

→Kamloops is in Saskatchewan….? um…well….he was close….kinda…? When he met mom, she mentioned that she was from Saskatchewan…he replied, ‘Ah yeah! I’ve been there, I’ve been to Kamloops!” haha….but Hey! Usually when you say Canada, they only know Toronto or Montreal-so I’ll give him that!

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High Society

I see Tinsley Mortimer every season at Fashion Week so when I heard that her show “High Society” was premiering on CW…I had to check it out.



As I watched the beginning of the show…and something seemed familiar! Hmm…had to slow it down and sure enough…there I was! ha ha! I remember the crew saying that they were filming at the September Fashion Week, but didn’t think anything of it, because EVERYONE films at Fashion Week. Guess I was filmed as part of the paparazzi trying to get ‘the shot’.



I like Tinsley….despite how the show portrays her….she is very sweet and always nice and takes time to chat with me about here clothes and shoes!



Had to share my little micromoment of being on a CW show!



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