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Tues. @ 2

So…(sheepish grin) its been 1,203 days since our last Tuesday at 2. This was a project we started back in 2012 and has gotten more popular every time we do it! This was ‘supposed’ to be a bi-annual project…but…well…ok…we have no excuses!
The rules are simple–On Tuesday at 2 o’clock you grab your phone and take a photo of where you are and what you are doing. Caption it and send it to us.
We love doing this post and seeing all the fun, random and interesting lives that people lead on a regular Tuesday at 2 o’clock.
This time we have some great shots from ALL over the world, Finland, Italy, United States (east and west) and Canada.
We love sifting through all the shots that get sent in from all different time zones…Let us know if you would like to join in next time!


Caught between the Czar of Russia + the King of Sweden. Valerie Knuuttila. Turku, Finland

Ponte Vecchio Bridge. Vanessa Petays. Florence ItalyOhio State at 2pm. Brad Hess. Ohio
Just back from a run, waiting on the next. Columbus, Ohio. Logan Hess
Redo. Shawna Richtsmeier. Huntsville, AlabamaThe daily grind at the office. Linda Jackson. Winnipeg, ManitobaOut checking crops. Philip Petays. Rocanville, Saskatchewan
All day. Err day. Cat. Rocanville, SaskatchewanMaking the most of my kid-free day!! Loving my new office space!! Carla Shultz. Osage, Saskatchewan
A little stainless steel mounting bracket. Chris Petays. Weyburn, SaskatchewanYay for Hay. Jenelle Quigley. Tribune, Saskatchewan5 little marsh hunters ready for a hike. Juanita Malcolm. Clear Lake, ManitobaOnly 150 miles to home. Spending a little quality time on the road with the in-laws today. Cristy Brown. Columbia River, WashingtonLeonardo looks almost as excited as the Carter boys for the party and sleepover tonight! Carolyn Carter. Grande Prairie, AlbertaNoah + I babysitting baby B on this comfortable 96 degree day. Melissa Petays-Cooke. Palm Desert, California

After putting the kids down for a nap, I’ve been hanging out with Zoey while cleaning up the kiddos stuff. #nannylife  Karissa Hall. Snoqualmie, Washington

I’m normally analyzing data at 2 o’clock on a Tuesday, but if I need a break I’ll walk a block to Dahlia Bakery + get one of their famous peanut butter cookies! Kelly Chapman. Seattle, Washington
When mama gives you a bath and thinks you would look cute as a chicken! #iamembarrassed  Mexx @toypoodlemexx Seattle, WashingtonThe beach with my boys. Jenn Petays-Tschetter. Salmon Creek Park, Washington
Tea Time. Jessica Graham. Vancouver, British Columbia
Testing the lights to make the models glow. Brendalyn Bergh. San Luis Obispo, California
Studio Session. Sean Petays. Victoria, British Columbia

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New Brunswick…it’s been a while

It has been 11 years since my husband + I moved from the East Coast of Canada to the West Coast of United States. And 9ish since we last visited. Not cool.2015-09-03_0007NewBrunswick2015-09-03_00022015-09-03_00092015-09-03_0010NewBrunswick2015-09-03_0001NewBrunswick2015-09-03_0003NewBrunswick2015-09-03_00042015-09-03_0008NewBrunswick2015-09-03_0005Picked up some authentic maple syrup from the St. John City Market along with some other goodies
Miphone_062315_0054bAlways a Lobster feed!! Always thrilled!!Miphone_062315_0057bInto St. Andrews by the Sea for some dulce! Well, for some of us non-Maritimers it was for the candy shop.NewBrunswick_062015_0031bMiphone_062015_0134bNewBrunswick2015-09-03_0011A spot near + dear to our hearts…New River Beach on the Bay of Fundy. This beach was where my husband got gutsy + proposed after 4 months of dating. It paid off!
Miphone_061915_0163bMiphone_061915_0160cAlways an animal or two to be found along the wayMiphone_062615_0032bMiphone_062115_0109b

No complaints of the view or the relaxation that went on here at Lake Utopia.Miphone_061815_0201b

Miphone_062215_0080bThe sign of a good time!Miphone_061815_0198bUntil next time!2015-09-03_0006

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Here’s a peek into my Oregon trip iPhone style. #alsosorrynotsorry

I’d like to take this time to thank my siblings for moving new places every couple of years so I can get my traveling in. You da real MVP.

Also, quick interjection here, there are some SLR photos in the mix. I double doggy dare you to see if you can even spot the difference!


Bae getting the perfect selfie.


Sizzle Pie giving some good health advice. Eat Pizza Everyday…don’t mind if do *pizza emoji*

#gains #cleaneats

IMG_5293Florence, Oregon


Oregon sand dunes!

Spencer Butte



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A lil window into our trip to Puerto Vallarta iPhone style. #sorrynotsorry

MiPhone_040415_0427bMiPhone_040815_0250bMiPhone_040815_0253bMiPhone_041115_0245b mexico3MiPhone_040415_0434b
MiPhone_040615_0329b MiPhone_040615_0347b The boys had been saving up for this little adventure!MiPhone_040615_0367b MiPhone_040615_0368b MiPhone_040615_0369bNothing like going to sleep to the sound of the ocean.
MiPhone_040615_0381bMiPhone_040615_0394bHeading over to Las Animas via water taxi.MiPhone_040715_0272b MiPhone_040715_0278b Apologies for the Pinterest moment. MiPhone_040715_0285b MiPhone_040715_0292b MiPhone_040715_0303b MiPhone_040715_0305bMiPhone_040715_0304b

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WPPI 2015 – Las Vegas

Yay!! It’s that time again! Wedding + Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) in Vegas! Speakers galore, a massive trade show, networking, swag, food, early mornings, late nights, endless walking, impromptu shoots…only a few days to fit so much in! 


A major highlight was being able to reconnect with fellow colleagues Brandi of Brandi Schwartz Design and Photography (my P & S Weddings partner) and Jenelle of Beauti Photography. It’s a treasure to be able to have friends that not only support you but hold you accountable!


We always find time to head over to Richard Photo Lab at the trade show. They always have a cozy corner to listen in and to chat with some incredible film photogs in the business. And one night was spent in laughter as we listened to Joe McNally recount some of his amazing experiences working as a photojournalist for LIFE and National Geographic.


One afternoon we met with the multi-talented Bre from Breanna Megan Studio. She had just finished an exciting new project and we leant a hand in photographing it for her. More on that coming up soon!btssweat3

After being there for only a day I learned a friend had moved back to Vegas, so I reached out to see if this beauty would step in and model for us. We were thrilled to find out she was free for a couple of hours. Check back in to see what we were able to throw together in just a short amount of time!


*confession.  all images shot with an iPhone.

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