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West Coast, by Melissa Petays-Cooke
In 2001 I received my photography diploma in Regina, the capital of my home province, Saskatchewan. I now live in northern California, in the beautiful sun-filled Sacramento Valley. One thing that never changes no matter where I am, is the inspiration that I receive when looking at the beauty and character of the world through a camera lens.

I have two young active boys. My days are like snapshots, capturing one memory at a time. Children’s expressions of love, laughter and tears. Preserving these moments in the unforgettable medium of photography, the permanent memory, is a delight I want to share with you.

East Coast, by Jenn Petays-Tschetter

I have been living in New York since February 2008, first in Manhattan and now Westchester (the suburbs). Living here has been one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. Although the city was daunting at first, I cannot imagine a place I’d rather be.

I have grown to love the ethnic diversity, the vast history, the shopping, the hustle, the restaurants, the fashion… did I mention the shopping?
Not that the city is perfect, it is crowded, it is noisy, it is dirty, and at times, even amongst 8 million people, it can leave a person feeling disconnected. However, this is the place where I thrive.

I love exploring the city; from the quiet of central park to festivals, street fairs, parades, and street performances, it is always new and electrifying. I hope to share a little of this with you here.

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