A walk in the Lower East Village

I haven’t spent much time down on the Lower East Side of Manhattan…so decided to take a little walk down there. Each area in Manhattan is very unique…The lower east side being very young, hip and ….gritty .

The neighborhood is full of interesting people….It makes me feel like wearing my Dr. Martens, brightly colored tights and my bowling hat. Oh! And I can’t help but mention that Lady Gaga grew up in this area…RaRa Oh lala!

I found this interesting….because of the new buildings and developments in the area, the neighborhood has been placed on the list of America’s Most Endangered Places. Who knew there was such thing…?

A few shots from the day:

If I have to be honest…this was the REAL reason I came to the Lower East Side….to check out this candy store-and I wasn’t disappointed.

Eventually the Lower East Side leads into Chinatown. A few from there….

Loved this couple. Just the two of them selling headbands on the street corner, sitting on crates…makes me wonder what their story is…I’m sure its amazing.

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3 thoughts on “A walk in the Lower East Village

  1. lumbr says:

    I remember walking around this area when we went to the New Museum on Bowery; l like the purple wall with the tags! red fire escape! great color blocking Jennifer.

  2. Carla says:

    Great shots Jen…can’t wait until I can come down there for a visit 🙂

  3. vanessa says:

    love the shoes hanging shoot!!

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