Hola Canada!

Four days till I head back to Canadaland.

Lugged out the suitcase to fill it with the most important things first.


After 27 years in the Rocanville School System our family is all getting together to celebrate Vanessa’s high school graduation. I’m so excited to see family and friends….and Dairy Queen blizzards….and dollar stores….and pizza pops…oh!…..soooo excited for pizza pops!

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2 thoughts on “Hola Canada!

  1. Jenelle says:

    that’s right, way to prioritize your packing Jenn!! pizza pops…you’re halarious! have an awesome visit with your family. if you have any time out here call me! I’d love to see you but I don’t know your schedule.

  2. lumbr says:

    hmm, you’ll need gumboots.
    oh, and what about Maynard Wine Gums? and Old Dutch potatoe chips?

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