poutine and such…

I spent a week in Alberta after my sister’s graduation in Saskatchewan (pictures of the gorgeous graduate are on the way!)…and I found some of my favorite things that I can’t enjoy in New York.

While in Lethbridge I had to check out the giant second-hand store Value Village (I also love searching for a bargain!), poutine at Red Dog Diner, coffee at the Penny Coffee House, giant jacked up 4×4 trucks, the famous high level bridge, sushi nights with Wayne’s family, my chubby nephew Daxon, my beautiful niece Danika, aaaaand Pita Pit….sooo not fair that we don’t have one!!

Street Machine Weekend was on in Lethbridge while we were there. This lady cracked me up….

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One thought on “poutine and such…

  1. dad says:

    yes there are some things they do not have in N.Y. but i understand that poutine is making inroads,, on the other hand just what good are pitas, and sushi?

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