Mini vacation in So Cal

Last weekend we took a road trip down to southern California.  On the way down we stopped to visit some friends just north of LA.  We managed to pack in the sights of Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice Beach all in one day!  Typically the beaches are hopping but because of ‘winter’ they were pretty much abandoned…buncha sissies!

Down by the Venice canals we felt like we had entered another world!  So serene!

Anyone recognize this house?  Location hint…Venice Beach…

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3 thoughts on “Mini vacation in So Cal

  1. Jenelle says:

    ohhh I love the canals area, so serene is right. I wanna come to the beach, winter or not…get me away from this cold + snow!! 🙂

  2. vanessa says:

    top model house hahhaha

  3. mom says:

    Those are beautiful pictures.

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