Wool jackets and riding boots

Brrrrr!….Helloo winter in New York! Yes…it is freezing cold, there are thousands of tourists crowding the streets and everyone is fanatic to finish their holiday shopping….Despite the craziness, New York is still the most beautiful city in my eyes.

A few shots from around the city.

New York is famous for the incredible window displays that many of our larger Department Stores unveil every holiday season. Below are the holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman. This year’s title is”Wish You Were Here” . The displays are organized by means of transportation. “Full Speed Ahead” has nautical mannequins piloting a boat, “Daytripping” is all about space travel and the vehicle in “A Guided Tour” is a flying horse.

Morning fog….Taken with my Blackberry out the back door.




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One thought on “Wool jackets and riding boots

  1. vanessa says:

    love the coffee heart pic..super cute and the pic u took with ur bb is really coool

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