Calling all Autobots – It’s time to roll out!

My son Noah has transformed into a 6-year-old!  Luck was on our side when there was a break in the rain and we were able to have the party in the backyard.  Good thing, since all he wanted for his party was a transformer pinata…long story short, he ended up with 2!

Transformers awaiting their turn to attack the pinata.

Simon laughing maniacally while collecting his loot.

Wouldn’t be a boys party without some messy situations!

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2 thoughts on “Calling all Autobots – It’s time to roll out!

  1. Jenelle says:

    happy birthday Noah! looks like a great boy party, I want some of that candy 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    Man, he’s getting big! Wyatt says, “Can I play with that boy this summer?” Hmm… can we, mom?!

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