cherry baby

Love, love, love cherry season!  Cherries were a huge craving for me when I was preggers with the boys.   And I suppose you could say I went through a ‘few’ pints of Cherry Garcia as well…

The boys and I went out and raided our friends cherry tree…cause it’d be the ‘pits’ if the birds got to them first!

Simon sporting a cherry juicestache…this boys face is NEVER clean!  


4 thoughts on “cherry baby

  1. espy says:

    Love the puns.

  2. Aaron Dellinger says:

    I like this link/page. Very creative, great pictures. Nice work.

  3. Jenelle says:

    mmmm!!!!!!! I’d love a handful right now!

  4. Laurie says:

    YUM!! those look so good!!!!

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