the art of love {maternity}

It’s nothing but an honor to have the chance to photograph another artist.  Darren is the talent behind the Eddie Bauer Spring catalog featuring a painting of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Seriously?  How cool is that?!  With those kind of genes I wouldn’t be surprised if their baby come out holding a paintbrush!  Congrats you two on your upcoming masterpiece!

Before we lost the light totally we headed into town for a change of scenery.  So glad we found this ‘blue’ wall…appropriate for the little boy they’d soon meet!

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4 thoughts on “the art of love {maternity}

  1. cristy says:

    these are AWESOME!!! i’m a really big fan of that cowhide exposition chair…..soo cool!!!

  2. Jenelle says:

    Melissa these are great, lots of really fun poses and that chair is so neat!! cool painting, congrats!

  3. espy says:

    You are so witty. Lovely pics, as usual.

  4. Carla says:

    Love these pics…Great ideas!!!!

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