Power Stance 2011!

“A Power Stance can be used for many things. Well, actually, no. It’s used for one thing, and that is to look awesome to everyone else around you by simply making a pose.

There is more than one type of Power Stance, but all are acceptable if you wish to get girls, scare people or simply make the whole experience of being a paparazzi that little bit better…”



and UP!

Being vertically challenged, this is the power stance we most commonly used.

This planking stance however was not found to be very popular among the paparazzi…well, at Lincoln Center anyways.

A possible sneak attack power stance???

Ah yes, this guy!  His bag was full of various power stances…

We like to call this ‘On bended knee’

Dave, you’re so cool, seriously.  You deserve a power stance named after you.  From here on in this stance will be called ….the Dave stance.

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3 thoughts on “Power Stance 2011!

  1. van says:

    the guy in the black pants and nike looks like it could be dad hhaahahahha

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