What makes us smile – east coast winter edition

Just when you thought baby clothes couldn’t get any cuter….Harajuku mini at Target has arrived…cutest baby clothes ever! I am loving the mishmash of textures, prints and colors.

Heading to the gym has never been my favorite pastime…but now 45 minutes of uninterrupted “ME” time is high on the list of things that make me smile! Nothing like a spin class to clear your mind, get motivated and lose those last 5 pounds.

I love waking up to a foggy foggy morning in New York. Some mornings it is so thick you could eat it with a spoon. Mornings like this I love to sit by the window with my morning coffee…but that lasts about 5 minutes before ‘someone’ needs my attention.  This morning I was able to run out and snap a few pictures just before the fog began to lift. 

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2 thoughts on “What makes us smile – east coast winter edition

  1. Michelle Tschetter says:

    that is the cutest Panda bum I have ever seen 🙂

  2. Anastasia says:

    😉 Love the bear butt! 😀

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