Christmas in Japantown

This year to keep with our Christmas tradition we got out-of-town and stayed at yet another beautiful Joie de Vivre boutique hotel.  The modern anime themed Hotel Tomo located in Japantown, San Francisco looked like something the boys would get a kick out of.  We drove in Christmas day, explored Japantown, dined on udon, tempura and sushi and then went back to the hotel to build Noah’s (purely coincidental) Ninjago Lego’s.

How fun is this disposable camera?  Jenn picked this up for my birthday and I know, I know, we weren’t in Chinatown but still…fun right?  Some of the fortunes were just too perfect! 

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2 thoughts on “Christmas in Japantown

  1. Jenelle says:

    neat hotel for your getaway! fun photos and love your disposable camera!

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