West Coast Bloomers

Spring in the valley, so pretty with …aaaaaaahhhhhhh choooooo…all its blooms!  You valley dwelling folk understand!  As much as we love the trees and the fruit they bear, we hate what it does for our allergies.  This is some of the new life I noticed in our yard this week…

Happy, smiling faces blooming back here too!

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4 thoughts on “West Coast Bloomers

  1. Espy says:

    Hard to remember it’s spring with all of the rain. What are the glass “thingys” hanging in the trees. Pretty!

  2. Jenelle says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! Such an exciting season!
    The colored glass is a really pretty touch! And the happy face is a real cute one!!
    We need to come visit.

  3. laurie says:

    SO gorgeous! (and I’m jealous!!) I want to come back for another visit!!

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