6 month old Baby Z

Baby Z is growing like a weed.  It’s been neat to see how his features have changed since his newborn session…I think he’s looking more and more like his brothers!  

We started out with the naked baby pictures but didn’t stop there because Baby Z’s mom had picked out some great old school pieces from Janie and Jack.

This grin is as good as it got.  It’s not that Baby Z didn’t like me, it’s that I didn’t really impress him.  Not my funny noises, not my obnoxious sounding purple stuffed bird and I’m pretty sure not the 900 different ways I called out his name!



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3 thoughts on “6 month old Baby Z

  1. Gorgeous shots and location!

  2. Jenelle says:

    Such a cute baby session!! Love his big brown eyes. Adorable outfits and you have really fun props!

  3. Espy says:


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