Emily {senior}

A true tomboy at heart, I love that this girl is always up for any adventure. What Melissa? You want to hike for a mile to get to the location? Oh, in sand? Sure, can I carry your bag for you?

With a beautiful smile and spirit like that you will no doubt have a promising road a head of you!










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8 thoughts on “Emily {senior}

  1. LOVELY photos!!! Emily is so photogenic and you’re a superstar behind the camera. What a great combination 🙂

  2. Jacinda says:

    totally with the hike! beautiful pictures!

  3. Jacinda says:


  4. Espy says:

    Lovely pictures that capture the charm of our Emily!

  5. Cindy Fishback says:

    Oh Emily these pictures have captured how lovely you are! Your inner beauty shines brightly through your natural beauty. Great photos and worth the hike I would say!

  6. What a perfect location for emily’s personality! Beautiful girl.

  7. Jenelle says:

    The talented photographer scoping out a great location + this fun, adventurous girl makes for fantastic shots!!

  8. Carla says:

    Love these!! You are very talented my friend!!

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