‘Tis the Season

In Canada when the thermometers go above 15 degrees Celsius and our igloos begin to melt we pull out our summer wardrobe, our sunscreen and our sunglasses; we don’t want to blind anyone with that pasty white skin we acquired during the winter months. So call us crazy for picnicking when it’s only a few degrees above freezing but we know there’s nothing a Vancouver Canucks fleece blanket can’t handle.


IMG_2862 copy

Untitled-1 copy


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4 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. foo foo petays says:

    You guys are too cute! And you’re hair looks totally amazing Ness!(as usual).
    We had our first picnic of the year too,while watching the horse races this past weekend 🙂

  2. juanita says:

    awww yu guys are so sweet. love the picnic shots!

  3. tad says:

    mom and I have had a few bonfires on the deck and a hobo supper,, nice after a long cold winter

  4. Jenelle says:

    Cute picnic for two and those happy smiles in each other’s arms!!

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