Simon turns 8!

Seeing that I’ve decided to retire from DIY birthdays, Simon blew out his candles at SkyMania this year. It was well worth having a place for the kids to bounce off the walls that wasn’t my house! 

This kid is an active one. When he is not participating in Track, he’s playing Basketball or tearing it up in Running Club. The last 5K we ran as a family (let’s be real, I walked) he left us all in the dust!

simon8_0015simon8_0014Years ago when explaining to my boys about the different love languages, Simon was able to determine that one of the ways he felt most loved was ‘quality time’. This has proven to be true. This past year he is happiest when convincing one of us to play a board game or cuddling up together to read a book. His love of reading this year has blossomed and he often has 3 different books on the go.

This past year he has shown great resilience. New city, new school, new friends and for that I am so proud. Happy 8th Birthday!
simon8_0005 simon8_0012 simon8_0009simon8_0008simon8_0002b

Simon took his questions very seriously this year…

What is your favorite food? Caesar salad + spaghetti + meatballs

Favorite restaurant? Red Robin

Favorite animal? Panda

Favorite school subject? Math

Favorite sport? Track + Basketball

Best friends? Caleb, Jay, Hunter + Gryffen

What do you want to be when you grow up? I keep learning about new things but right now I want to be a teacher

Where would be a cool place to vacation next? I want to do Edmonton again

Where would you like to live someday? Canada

What makes you happy? Playing board games mostly

What would you do with a million dollars? Xbox One, Wii + the latest 3DS

How do you know we love you? Lots of hugs + kisses

What is the best thing about being 8? Finally for a few months, Noah + I are 2 years apart again

He insisted that his dogs be included on his birthday post!simon8_0001simon8_0013

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4 thoughts on “Simon turns 8!

  1. E. says:

    Such a handsome cutie. And he wants to be a teacher! Can’t believe he’s growing up so quickly but he’s going to be an amazing young man.

  2. Linda says:

    OMGoodness, what a cutie pie! Such a handsome young man! Love the pictures!

  3. cristy says:

    Love this! That last pic is so Simon!

  4. Jenelle says:

    It was fun to be there for Simon’s birthday and spend time getting to know your awesome, active, good looking, fun boys! You did amazing with his portraits!! The hair cut and outfit make him extra charming!

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