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Staring at the clouds

Ahhh. Summer is here and we are enjoying every minute of it! Dre and I spend our days with all kinds of lazy activities–laying on our backs staring at the leaves (he finds it totally fascinating), he loves going for long walks around campus (hoping to run into people who will gush over him and pay him loads of attention), annnnd he loves going for rides in the car, in hopes of finding water fountains (he loooves the sound of water fountains)!

Dre is still the best baby in the world;) He is 3 months now and is cooing and has started giggling…which is the CUTEST thing in the world!…ugh yes, I’m such a ‘new parent’! He is a great little sleeper and we are in the process of getting him to fall asleep on his own…but lets not get started on that! He still loves being held…and will sit content all afternoon if he can sit on someones lap and be part of the adult conversation.

The phrase,  “New York, the concrete jungle” must have been made by someone navigating around with a stroller. Lets just say the city isn’t the most stroller friendly…therefore we have been fairly content to spend the summer rippin around (in our TOMS) in the ‘burbs.

My dear sister convinced me…and I love my TOMS!

LOVE baby smiles!

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