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A change can do you good

WE MOVED!!! (just across town. nothing life altering, really.)  So things have been a little…busy…leaving not a lot of time for snapping and blogging.  I was starting to feel a little guilty so here are a few iphone pics for your entertainment.

Unpacking and finding homes for the old.

Unpacking the NEW!!!  Sooooo exciting!!!

We’ve been taking on new family members.  Meet Tiger Kai Mountain Lion and Black Panther Cole Cooke.  Well, that’s their names this week.  Our last cat has had 6 names so far.

How is it pray tell that 8 of our 12 chickens turned out to be ROOSTERS?!  

ps. anyone looking for roosters?

All that hard work requires some swimming…

and relaxing…ahhhh…thank goodness for Sundays!

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We heart visitors!

Back in March our friends from back home Andrew and Laurie, called and said they would be vacationing in our part of the country and we instantly started making plans.  Napa Valley was on their list so we insisted we meet up with them at Castello di Amorosa.  We’ve been there a few times so I wasn’t as snap happy as the first few times!  This first image I had to dig up from the archives…

A tour of the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield was on our way home…Great right?  Jack the kids up on sugar for the ride home!  Who helped plan this anyway?

Our next day we spent at Bridgeport panning for gold and hiking off our jelly bellies! 

The one that found the biggest gold nugget was supposed to pay for supper…we all went home hungry…boooo…

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