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Happy Father’s Day!

When I stumbled across this adorable questionnaire on a personal blog that I follow, I thought I’d try it out on our boys for Father’s Day.  The first answer is our 7 yr old followed by our 4 yr old.

My Dad’s name is David/David.

He is  34 or 35/15  years old.

He weighs the same as a giraffe/rock.

He is as tall as a giraffe’s body/large robot.

My Dad’s work is nurse/going to work.

My Dad’s favorite food is fish tacos from Costa Vida/jalapenos.

If Dad would go on vacation he would go to Canada/Texas and take his kids and wife/clothes.

Dad’s favorite thing to do is spend time with his boys/wrestle.

My Dad is good at kissing and hugging mom/work.

My Dad shows me he loves me when he hugs me and tells me he loves me/he doesn’t.

Happy Father’s Day to my extraordinary husband!

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