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Balancing the break

Here’s me trying to find balance while my kindergartener was home ALL day for many days over Easter break. Balance…uh huh…whatever that means…

Day one…Location scouting.  How fun!  Just what every boy dreams to do on their day off, right?

Day two…Games day. How is it that the youngest always wins? and without help?

Day three…kitchen time. Noah’s favorite – homemade cheesecake!  

and hey, let’s throw some cheesecake into the cupcake mix…I mean…recipe…

Day four…bowling with the boys for the first time.  We’re still waiting for Simon’s ball to roll down the lane…

Day 5 and 6…San Francisco. First stop, Exploratorium.

Fort Mason was holding an event called Off The Grid.  Loved this roach coach fest. Such yummy smells, interesting food and live music.

I’m always so impressed when the boys are willing to try new foods.

And the SF zoo. You will never see Noah so happy as at the zoo. It’s like he feels at home…

Not being much of an animal person, I trend watch.  Wishing for extinction on some things and the preservation of others!

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