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Noah turns 9

This year Noah made the difficult decision between having a party with his friends or going to Safari West, a wildlife preserve located in Sonoma County.  Much to my relief he choose the latter.  Safari West was the perfect gift for my animal loving son, not to mention an easier event to organize than a boy’s birthday party at our home.  Hah!  Take that Pinterest!




What would you like to be when you grow up?  Park ranger or someone who uses dogs to rescue people who are lost in the mountains

What is your favorite restaurant?  Cool Hand Luke’s

Favorite food?  Ribs

Favorite color?  Black

Favorite subject at school?  Art, I like drawing and painting

Favorite song? Turn Down for What  (interesting choice…)

If you could only have one pet, which one would you pick?  I’m not answering that

How would you spend one million dollars?  I would buy dogs

What makes you happy?  Playing with animals

What is something you are good at?  Track and Field

What is your favorite thing to do?  Have friends over and play Minecraft.

Where should we go on our next family  vacation?  Paris, I would like to learn French.

How do you know that we love you?  I get lots of hugs and kisses

noah1 noah8noah2



No animals were harmed in the making of this post.
Featured animals are as listed below:
Shadow, Spike, Venom, Isabella Iris Vom Shtal, Russia, Moonlight, Snorelax, Timber, Fred, Daphne, Joey, Molly, Lucky and Puff Cheeks
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Noah turns 8

This has been a year to remember for my little animal lover.  Because of our move to the ‘country’ Noah has went from one pet to…let’s just say, many pets.  Nothing could make him happier than his animals.  Here’s his annual Q and A for this year!  I couldn’t help but notice how much more serious he was answering his questions this year…yep, he’s growing up! 

What are you going to be when you grow up?  Animal scientist

What is your favorite subject at school? Science

What is your favorite animal?  Cheetah

How many pets do you have right now?  22

What is your least favorite chore?  Cleaning up my room

What’s the latest you’ve ever stayed up?  9:41pm

Do you have a crush on someone?  Yes

What are you looking for in a girl?  A soft heart and who loves God (well, that was a little deeper than I was expecting!)

What if your girlfriend doesn’t like animals?  I guess I’d always have to go to her house

How many children do you want?  2, a boy and a girl

Do you wish your family was bigger?  No

Where are you going to live when you grow up?  In the woods or mountains

What is your favorite joke?  What did the wrestler drink at the party?  Punch!

Use one word to describe yourself.  Silly

'german shepherd with boy'

'boy with cat'

'silkie chick'




For his 8 year birthday Noah decided he wanted a birthday party like his brother Simon.  A party at the house with some friends… except with a Skylanders theme. Sounds simple enough, right?  But for those who don’t know what Skylanders are(and I didn’t)it’s a relatively new video game.  New enough I found out that there were no party supplies to be found.    Luckily Pinterest had a few ideas out there to copy;)  Halfway through decorating he had the nerve to ask when I was going to start decorating for his party!  Whoa!  Next year it’ll be Chuck e Cheese for these boys!
'skylander birthday party'

'skylander birthday cake'

'skylander candy'
'chompies truffles'

'smashed sheep'


'skylander scavenger hunt'
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