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summer lovin’

Our summer was busy.  Busy doing what I’m not sure?!  Time was flying so before it was too late and summer break was over, we headed out-of-town to do something…memorable!

For the first half of our trip we headed down to Monterey where the boys did some deep-sea fishing, I did some uninterrupted sun bathing and together we visited the aquarium.

The last half of our week we travelled north through the Avenue of the Giants and then spent the rest of our time relaxing in Fort Bragg.

Loved the fog in the morning in Fort Bragg…so chill…

Glass Beach is one of my all time favorite beaches.  As you can tell it’s not because of the sun bathing!

The only time I condone littering is when polished sea glass is the result!  The whole beach is covered in treasure.  

So happy we got out-of-town.  Family time like this is treasure enough for me!

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