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Vacation Planking Part II

Almost every summer for the last few years our little family has made the trip home to Saskatchewan for a graduation, wedding, another graduation…the list goes on.  But this year there was no grand event so instead we went to visit friends in Seattle and then up to Davids brother and family in Vancouver,BC.  

Our planking got off to a great start in Weed, California!  Level of Difficulty: 6.  Blazing hot pavement searing through my clothes as David takes 3 years to use my camera.

Point Defiance Park Planking (Tacoma).  Taking hiking to the next level.

Pike’s Market in Seattle

The first ever Starbucks–I felt a little vintage action was required!

Sword fighting in front of the gum wall.  No volunteers for planking here.

Slug bug plank.  Level of difficulty: 8.  Especially with a 3 yr old directing.

Crossed the border to meet up with some Cooke cousins.

White Rock Planking. Level of Difficulty: 10.  Assistance required.

Good bye sweet boys!

Submerged Plank.  Level of Difficulty:  2.  Those swim lessons paid off!

Ahhhh…home…back to the sweltering heat…

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Vacation planking

Wayne and I decided to check out the Jersey Shore this year for a little getaway…and we loved every minute of it! I will say that vacationing with a baby is much different that vacationing as a couple! Melissa and I were both heading off on vacation and decided to incorporate some planking into our holiday shots. Here are a few from our time away….Check back later for some Cooke vacation Planking!

Along the boardwalk there are all sorts of games…For only 5 dollars…you can win a coach bag! Haha!

Yes….I had to check out the Shore Store ….and the MTV house!

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