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What makes us¬†smile – eastcoast

Along my travels I tend to find things that bring a smile to my face. Maybe its the smiley face I see in my cappuccino¬†foam or something random or shocking I’ve seen in the streets of New York….I’ve learnt to never leave the house without some type of camera on me (yay for phone cams). Here’s a few that made my week:

I love it when people leave notes in their library books (intentionally or unintentionally). I’ve come across letters, sticky notes, post secret type confessions…..One time a person had a book list…and it had the exact 3 other novels I was looking for too!

We were down at Seaport Village in Manhattan….and look at what I saw!!
Seriously…Regina!? Random.

The campus here is stunning…hundreds of flowers, trees and huge lawns. Most of the flowers and trees are labeled…I guess someone on the research campus has a sense of humor….tee hee.

Every time I look at my plant I smile. (If you know my dad you will understand why the next part is funny) When I bought my aloe vera plant my dad said, “Okay…now every morning you have to say, ‘allo vera! allo!'”
ha ha ha

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