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The Humber Wedding

I’ve known Emily since she was just a young thing and we had just moved to California. Over the years she became like a sister, not only to me, but to my boys. When Emily reached out to inform me that she was getting married I remember thinking “but she’s only 12!!!” I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that she was not just a little girl anymore but quite possibly old enough to walk down the aisle!

I flew up + Jenn flew down to assist documenting Emily + Isaac’s wedding day in Northern California. It was then that I saw Emily had grown up + was indeed old enough to get hitched! Her smile went on for days + she looked radiant. Jenn + I had the best time being able to shoot together. The couple was so at ease with each other that it made our job easy!

To love, laughter + happily ever after, Congratulations, Isaac + Emily!

The charming Gibson House in Woodland, CA served as a gorgeous backdrop as the couple exchanged vows in front of family + friends. After the ceremony guests were allowed inside for tours of the Historic Mansion  + we snuck the bride + groom in for a few portraits as well.

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The Dellinger Wedding

There was nothing but love in the air on the day of Aaron and Deepa’s wedding.  Well, to be honest there was plenty of wind but it seemed to spread the love around that much more;)  

Vibrant peacock details were scattered throughout as a nod to Deepa’s Indian culture.  I read somewhere that peacocks are a symbol of integrity and the beauty that can be achieved when we endeavor to better ourselves and better our lives.  How fitting as they begin their journey together.    

'peacock inspired wedding'




"ring bearer"

'wedding puzzle'






Because of a tight schedule Aaron and Deepa choose to see each other for a few moments before the ceremony.  This was such an amazing moment to photograph.  The anticipation, the intimacy, the emotion…  Such an incredible memory for them to have of their special day.     







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