I am speed

First we need to talk clothing.  I always said I would let my children dress how they wanted, of course within reason.  Noah at 3 yrs old wanted to wear his potty training toilet ring around his head to the library.  I did have to say ‘no’ to that one.  He has worn his tux out for pizza and grocery shopping and I can handle that but I’m sooooo sick of camouflage.  My child LOVES camo EVERYTHING!  I’m just glad he didn’t wear his camo pants with his camo shirt today although I’m sure he would have told you they would have made him go that much faster!

the rider

the scene

stretching is crucial and so is strategy

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………..so worth it!

Good thing for the helmet and bike!  Almost couldn’t see him because of the camo;)


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