UFC 111

UFC lll! Headed to the weigh-ins and the fights at the Prudential center in New Jersey. Here are a few pics of our day.

(and lets not be ghetto and steal pictures….just ask and I’ll give.)

Weigh-In Day.

Nate Diaz VS Rory Markham

Jim Miller VS Mark Bocek

….and P.S. Mark: For your next weigh-in, google…2(x)ist..or something…those stripes…I don’t even know!?

Ben Saunders. Killa B

He’s just so cute!

One of my favorites….Jon Fitch

More of himz…

……and thennnnnnn he looks a little crazy all hunched over….ek!

Jon Fitch VS Ben Saunders

Kurt Pellegrino VS Fabricio Camoes

Shane Carwin

Seriously ‘YUGE (this with a NY accent)

6.4, 265 lbs!

Frank Mir -also ‘YUGE.
6.1, 265 lbs

I never realized they were that big! hahaha…I’d love to have my picture next to them!

Combined weight of  530 lbs!


and the GSP GSP GSP!!!!

mmmmm…another please

Go Canada! The crowd was going crazy!

and finally…..Georges St-Pierre VS Dan Hardy
Welterweight Championship

I liked how the ring girls were a tad bored the whole time but when Georges came out…..they straightened right up and walked up to try to meet him. ….But hey! Not that I’m blaming them!

The day was fantastic…I loved it! The energy in the room was ‘ballin.

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One thought on “UFC 111

  1. Elizabeth Selby says:

    This is really cool. I’ve never seen anything like it. These are amazing picture’s girls.I wish I was that talented. You both love taking picture’s of the things that out in the world, and their amazing. You like the samethings, but than again you like defernt things at the same time. Its awesome. I can’t wait to see both of you in the summer. It should be fun, but I am still nervous. Amazing site girls.

    luv lizz. 🙂

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