Memorial Day weekend outings

What’s a long weekend without a parade?  Marysville hosted the 1st annual stampede parade and cattle drive.  Yes, that is correct…a cattle drive through downtown Marysville.

And what’s a cattle drive without a few rednecks?!  Watch out or you’ll wipe out in the poo…  Job security for the city street cleaners!

Stopped in for some Thai food Saturday evening…yummers!  We love to come here for the authentic Thai food and atmosphere.

Sopa Thai Cuisine

I guess I have no place making fun of rednecks, do I?

On the holiday Monday we took off with some friends to Colfax for some hiking.  GORGeous!  Bear River Trail…a perfect little spot to hike with children and lazy people…like me!  It was actually quite beneficial to have the kidlets with us because they would notice things at their level that I would have never seen.  AND they like to take breaks…like me!

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