Blogger bags

Coach recently collaborated with 4 bloggers to design 4 Limited Edition Coach bags.  These bags can only be found online.  I’m usually all about a classic look but I’m diggin’ the fringe trend…  Which one of these Coach Collectibles can you see yourself carrying around?  Krystal’s fringe shoulder bag, Emily’s satchel, Karla’s clutch or Kelly’s drawstring pouch?

My latest bag dilemma is looking for a trendy camera bag.  Right now I have the worlds most archaic bag and it doesn’t safely fit my gear.  My favorites are the  Kelly Moore bags and Epiphanie bags.  I’m awfully tempted to line my Coach tote with padding and velcro….any suggestions?

OR my birthday is coming up and y’all could start a collection?!  Just a little something for you to think about;)

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3 thoughts on “Blogger bags

  1. lumbr says:

    I’d buy the kelly boy bag!
    I don’t like fringy things or big silver studs and buckles that catch on things you walk by or slap your bum while walking.

  2. Stephanie says:

    i’m a satchel girl…aaand emily’s is a beautiful shade of pink…what’s not to like?!

  3. laurie says:

    I vote for the kelly moore- I have it and really love it!

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