Memorial day

Well…our memorial day wasn’t as exciting as watching horses and bulls ripping down our main street…but Wayne and I decided to hit up the beach on Memorial day. I LOVE the beach. L.O.V.E the beach. In fact, as I was laying in the smoldering hot sun, I pondered the very deep question of which I liked best….. a day at the beach or a day at the mall? Deep….I know.





Growing up on the prairies the closest area of water was the watering hole where the cows drank…and the best tanning spot was on the roof of our house (although I have great memories of climbing up on the roof, flipping through Seventeen magazine, eating Spitz, listening to Ace of Base and pretending to not hear mom as she yelled for us to help fold laundry.). 





Took these shots as we left….it was getting a tad crowded! ha ha! I guess everyone else in Westchester had the same idea as us!




One thought on “Memorial day

  1. the dad says:

    see any beached whales??

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