And the rest of it…

And you thought all we did was hang out a Lincoln Center?!!  Oh no, not a moment of my precious kid-free time was wasted .  We caught a live taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, soaked in the sights of the Brooklyn Bridge, enjoyed authentic pierogies (sweet potato and cheese) and borscht at a little restaurant called Little Poland.  (please tell me you all have tried pierogies?)  We were all over town…Columbus Circle, East Village, Diamond District, Mid Town, Canal St., Soho and the Upper West Side.  And we shopped (obviously), ate square pizza and made Clive take us home in his pedicab!  Whew!

Inside Lincoln Center snatching freebies from FIJI water and Starbucks

The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in-house band The Roots gave out drummer ?uest love’s sticks after the show….yep….Jenn got them!

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One thought on “And the rest of it…

  1. Jenelle says:

    love your shot of the Brooklyn bridge!! looks like a lot of fun my friends!

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