Happy 4th Birthday Simon!

When asked how old he is now, Simon replies “What comes after 3?”  

Oh yes, Simon is finally 4! I can’t say that age 3 is my favorite stage.  Whoever said 2 was trouble didn’t have a 3-year-old!


Here is a list of Simon’s favorites at age 4 – in his own words…  

Favorite color: i wike bwack and wed.  what’s YOUR favowite cowor? no, you can’t wike bwack because girls can only wike pink or purple.

Favorite Superhero: the weader…i think it’s Superman 

Favorite food: everything but ‘cept hot stuff…hot peppers, jalapeno’s

Favorite Restaurant: sushi.  you know the place cwose to our house?  and the place wiff the dragon roll?

Favorite thing to do:  go to my friend’s house.  But not my house.  because remember…we just have boring toys.  maybe you could show me how to dwive to my friends houses.

Best Buds: Isaac and Joaquin-y

What are you going to be when you grow up?  a powice ninja with a dirt bike, twuck and quad

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4 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday Simon!

  1. mom says:

    Can’t wait for Feb to see this 4 year old and his brother. Maybe his mom and dad too.:)

  2. cristy & q says:

    This is too funny! You should have made the interview longer :0) I like the par picture…..looks like he’s well on his way to being a power ninja.

  3. Shana says:

    Love the interview and the thought process of your 4 year old!! We need to get together again soon!

  4. Jenelle says:

    cute boy and cute answers!!

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