Annual convention of NERDS….um…i mean….

This year The Society of Neuroscience gathered in Washington, DC for their annual meeting. While Wayne the brain attended lectures, presented and did all kinds of smart stuff, Dre and I ripped around the city to check out the sights.  I’m a huge fan of this clean and beautiful city.  So many free museums to check out and although I’m usually bored with the history babble, there is something about Washington that makes it somewhat interesting.

I swear that everyone who lives downtown either jogs or does some form of outdoor physical activity – which makes the city seem fresh and energetic.  Not to mention that the people are so kind – either that or I’m beginning to think that the rude New Yorker is the norm?!  A few images from our week…

And my darling little man in the beautiful fall leaves.

Since we sometimes blog about fashion…I thought I’d add these last pictures. There was a rally around the White House which had all these people riding around on bicycles. They were dressed in this very ‘Mad Men’ style…and I loved it!

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One thought on “Annual convention of NERDS….um…i mean….

  1. Jenelle says:

    nerd or not, it’s great that you get to explore neat places! and a fresh + energetic downtown sounds like a good place to be!!

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