drinking the fog

It’s been a few very busy months since we have moved to the west coast and while Eugene is very unique and hip…it is not quite New York-as far as fun celebs and events to go photograph! So I’ve been a little slow to find things to post here on the blog.

I went from being surrounded by huge amazing buildings (and didn’t think anything could beat that view) to being surrounded by these huge amazing trees.  When seeing them covered by a misty fog, it takes my breath away. Here are a few snaps from this week.

blog january-0copy

blog january-5 copy

blog january-4-copy

blog january-2-copy

blog january-1 copy

blog january-3 copy

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4 thoughts on “drinking the fog

  1. wendygullacher says:

    Wow, these are breathtaking!

  2. Laurie says:

    stunning!! your city life photography is amazing…. but this is unreal!!

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