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Here’s a peek into my Oregon trip iPhone style. #alsosorrynotsorry

I’d like to take this time to thank my siblings for moving new places every couple of years so I can get my traveling in. You da real MVP.

Also, quick interjection here, there are some SLR photos in the mix. I double doggy dare you to see if you can even spot the difference!


Bae getting the perfect selfie.


Sizzle Pie giving some good health advice. Eat Pizza Everyday…don’t mind if do *pizza emoji*

#gains #cleaneats

IMG_5293Florence, Oregon


Oregon sand dunes!

Spencer Butte



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The 45th day of the year!

February 14…. How can you hate a holiday where everything is pink and sparkly!? Personally, I love it! I embrace all the shiny balloon hearts, I smile at all the cheesy teddy bears and jam out to all the Justin Bieber singing Valentines Day cards! And of course  I was excited to dress my son up, head out and do a photo shoot. Here he is…doing his best to attract the ladies;)



valentines day card 2013

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drinking the fog

It’s been a few very busy months since we have moved to the west coast and while Eugene is very unique and hip…it is not quite New York-as far as fun celebs and events to go photograph! So I’ve been a little slow to find things to post here on the blog.

I went from being surrounded by huge amazing buildings (and didn’t think anything could beat that view) to being surrounded by these huge amazing trees.  When seeing them covered by a misty fog, it takes my breath away. Here are a few snaps from this week.

blog january-0copy

blog january-5 copy

blog january-4-copy

blog january-2-copy

blog january-1 copy

blog january-3 copy

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Not knowing if we were totally crazy or totally lucky,we packed up a Uhaul, left New York….and headed out to Oregon. I had a good laugh at all the random things we came across…the world’s largest coffee pot, a tree growing in a rock, Abraham Lincoln, the world’s largest truck stop…etc. Eleven stunning states of ‘Merica….here are some instagrammers of our trip.

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A change can do you good…Part 2

We’re MOVING! Yes, our time in New York has finally come to an end. Wayne has received his PhD and we are ready for our next adventure. ….And that adventure is taking us to….Eugene, Oregon! Wayne scored an awesome postdoctoral position at the University of Oregon and will continue to do all kinds of smart things that I can’t even begin to try to explain on this blog post.

I don’t know anything about Eugene. In fact, the only thing I know about Oregon is from playing Oregon Trail–and that didn’t always seem to end well! I remember lots of  wooden wheels falling off…and not a lot of food…..SO if you are from Eugene or been to Eugene…hit a sister up, eh!?

The rest of our summer will be packing and trying to make the most of our last month in New York! Will I miss New York? ABSOLUTELY! But the world is a big place and I can’t wait to explore another part of it.

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