Its been a while since I’ve been inspired to pick up my camera gear and get out and shoot…but when my husband and his friend entered the FAT55 race and asked us to come along–I charged up my camera battery! The FAT55 is a 55 mile mountain bike race that takes place in Oakridge, Oregon. Oakridge is a small town in the middle of the Willamette Forest…with the trees, mountains and fog just begging to be photographed.

Don’t let the photos fool you…the race is 55 miles of technical and challenging trails…but being 6 months pregnant…I stuck to the lower areas to take photos. My husband finished the race successfully–with all his bones intact! And of course my son thought this was a pretty awesome day…his new word, “COOL!”



fat55 blog-9 copy

fat55 blog-11 copy

fat55 blog-13 copy

fat55 blog-7 copy

fat55 blog-51

fat55 blog-001

fat55 blog-18 copy

fat55 blog-20 copy

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One thought on “FAT55

  1. Jenelle says:

    Beautiful scenery!! I love fog. Looks like a really COOL race!

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