Baby Reed

Mmmm…that new baby smell!  Ahhh…those chubby legs!  Grrr…those interrupted nights!  Welcome little baby Reed!

We are so happy to have a beautiful little son to add to our family.  He is such a happy & content little guy…which makes me sooo happy and content!  When I pick him up in the mornings and he gives me that huge smile…that’s a feeling that no amount of caffeine can give me!  His looks are changing everyday…so for now it’s hard to say who he looks like.  But in my eyes…he is the cutest baby around!

I had forgotten all those new baby things…like holding in a cough or sneeze so you don’t wake the baby…praying that you hit every green light so the car doesn’t stop and the baby stays sleeping….pretending that spit up and saliva on my shirt is a new fashion accessory…and staring in amazement that something soooo beautiful can be trusted in my arms.

I was nervous of how Dre was going to react…but its been incredible to watch this sweet bond form between the two of them.  Reed always has a huge smile for Dre and loves to sit and watch him play cars.   Dre always makes a beeline for Reed as soon as he hears a squeak and loves ‘helping’ burp him or push him in the swing.

I love my 2 sons and right now they require my full attention.  So I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from the blog. We started the blog as a fun way to share our life and photos…and right now I’m just finding it to be another thing on my list of things to do. So…for now I will be an ‘editor at large’.  However…we DO have something planned to fill my place…so keep checking back!







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3 thoughts on “Baby Reed

  1. Jenelle says:

    Yes he is a super cute baby and there are many reasons you have been trusted with his precious life!! So thrilled for you guys!!! Congratulations!
    Adorable photos auntie!!

  2. Espy says:

    Absolutely adorable!

  3. tad says:

    must be the granpaws looks that does it

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