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Welcome Baby ‘B’

I feel I may often over stay my welcome when I go to a client’s home to photograph their newborns. It’s just too hard to leave those precious little ones and their doting mothers who quickly become friends. There is nothing better than staying in touch with clients + watching their families grow.

This session was a special one because I got to fly into Spokane + stay a few days in the home of one of my favorite families. Big sister doted on her new brother and her parents did an amazing job of making her feel just as important as ever. I gotta say they are doing a bang up job raising their kids. I’m guessing it must be from all that time watching my husband + I raise our boys. . . and then doing the opposite!

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The ‘P’ Family

This was supposed to be a family session but it didn’t quite go as planned. Poor mama was feeling under the weather but lil ‘A’ still needed his 6(ish) month life documented. In their first year they change so much + we don’t want to forget that chubber rolly polly stage while it’s still considered adorable!

Not wanting to go too far we used their backyard to get the job done. This ended up being a great choice because the boys felt comfortable in familiar space. Not to mention it kept a certain brother ‘fenced’ in!

Every time I photograph this family I am reminded of the bond between brothers. As a mother of two boys myself, I love watching how each brother is unique, yet the same + how that bond evolves over time. These boys have amazing parents + I can only imagine the great adventures this family will have together!p_0012p_0010 p_0013p_0017 p_0016p_0014p_0015p_0011p_0020 p_0022 p_0023 p_0024 p_0025p_0018p_0019p_0021


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Baby ‘R’ the 5th

Let me start by saying that our day went nothing as planned.  In looking back at these images I’m kind of glad it didn’t.  At one point we found ourselves moved to tears as the girls sweetly sang ‘Jesus loves me’ to their new baby brother.  And that my friends, you just can’t plan.

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Baby Reed

Mmmm…that new baby smell!  Ahhh…those chubby legs!  Grrr…those interrupted nights!  Welcome little baby Reed!

We are so happy to have a beautiful little son to add to our family.  He is such a happy & content little guy…which makes me sooo happy and content!  When I pick him up in the mornings and he gives me that huge smile…that’s a feeling that no amount of caffeine can give me!  His looks are changing everyday…so for now it’s hard to say who he looks like.  But in my eyes…he is the cutest baby around!

I had forgotten all those new baby things…like holding in a cough or sneeze so you don’t wake the baby…praying that you hit every green light so the car doesn’t stop and the baby stays sleeping….pretending that spit up and saliva on my shirt is a new fashion accessory…and staring in amazement that something soooo beautiful can be trusted in my arms.

I was nervous of how Dre was going to react…but its been incredible to watch this sweet bond form between the two of them.  Reed always has a huge smile for Dre and loves to sit and watch him play cars.   Dre always makes a beeline for Reed as soon as he hears a squeak and loves ‘helping’ burp him or push him in the swing.

I love my 2 sons and right now they require my full attention.  So I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from the blog. We started the blog as a fun way to share our life and photos…and right now I’m just finding it to be another thing on my list of things to do. So…for now I will be an ‘editor at large’.  However…we DO have something planned to fill my place…so keep checking back!







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Baby Z

Boy oh boys!  This poor mama is outnumbered yet again.  Introducing handsome Baby Z.  This little guy can sleep through anything…having two older brothers I suppose you’d have to!  No complaining here, definitely made my job easier!   

Thanks Poots Little Creations for the sweet dino beanie!

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