We, The Timeless

Menswear is timeless.  Golden Rules like;  wide lapels mean a wide tie, brown shoes mean a brown belt, and the tie bar goes between the third and fourth button,  those have been around for years.  We, the Timeless was created to help you incorporate those golden rules into your lifestyle and maybe even teach you how to bend some of those rules.

So whether you are in need of some pointers in the mens fashion world or maybe you have a man in your life that could use some help in that department, go check out: We, The Timeless

Special thanks to co-founders Curtis and Graeme Drummond for letting me be a part of their journey, photographing them and their clothing.

A-shoot 17-regina layer winter111curt winter




curt pattern

A-shoot 3-regina downtown denimandbowtie1


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