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Meet Braydon. You seen him here first. Next time you see him, I’m thinking he’ll be walking in New York Fashion Week.

I have never worked with a professional model before, but I’ve watched enough ‘America’s Next Top Model’ to know what it’s supposed to be like. Let me tell you this guy would knock Tyra Banks socks off, he KNOWS how to work the camera. At one point I was like, “you are giving me so much variety and so quickly I can’t keep up!” It was an amazing experience.

Good luck with your move to British Columbia Bray! Can’t wait to see where your modelling passion takes you. You are going places!!

Check out Bray’s instagram here – @beingbrayj


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Have you ever had someone on your instagram that you just secretly admire from afar? Of course you do. We all have people on our social media that we admire, whether it be for their clothing, their lifestyle, or maybe they just always have the best memes. For me, that person is Eddy. I have been following Eddy for a year or so now, admiring his personal style and how everything he wears just makes him look effortlessly cool. Every time he would post a new photo I found myself thinking ‘I’d love to photograph him’. So I finally worked up the courage to slide into the DM’s and ask him if he’d want to meet up for a photoshoot. The results were nothing less then unreal!

Shout out to Eddy for being so unbelievably photogenic and for taking time out of a busy summer schedule to meet up with me!

Check out Eddy’s instagram here- @edawrdoalvaro


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Street Style YXE

Growing up we were told not to talk to strangers…unless of course they were fabulously dressed.  In which case chat them up, take their photo and tell them how awesome they are. So when the Fringe Festival came to Saskatoon I knew there would be no better place to find extraordinarily dressed people strutting their stuff on the streets as if it was their own personal runway.  #workit
You may wonder why all the people below are stunning young men.  Ladies, before you get you knickers in a knot, because we all know you too can be trendsetters, let me tell you that this lil escapade was a contest brought to you by the lovely menswear blogger “We, the Timeless” and local menswear boutique ‘Banjo Outpost’ to win some swag.
*As a disclaimer my parents didn’t really tell us that it was ok to talk to fabulously dressed strangers, only to talk to strangers with candy. JKJK!! I HAD GOOD PARENTS!! gary

“Don’t you even dare make a, “I can’t even see your shorts” camo joke. I will cut you.” #werundis

takes 2

 “It takes two to tango.  I look fierce, but with my partner in crime, I look fiercer.  Is that even a word?” #fierce

buaex ties

 “Business in the front. Party in the back.” #ladies


 “Some people are just so beautiful and graceful that it’s unfair to the rest of the human race.” #easybreezybeautiful


 “I’m your first photo of the day? What if I had said no? Awko taco.” #hipsterlifechooseme


 “I want to wear shorts but we live in a polar vortex called Canada. I’ll wear high socks to protect my limbs and become a style god.” #winwin

too sexy for ma“I wear my sunglasses at night.” #imtoosexyformyshirt

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Banjo Outpost – Behind the Scenes

This past Sunday Banjo Outpost, a menswear clothing store in Saskatoon, was shooting their Spring/Summer lookbook and with my hookups through We, the Timeless I was asked to tag along. I mean can you really say no to a day with male models and free food? #hangingwithmodels #blessed 

With a photographer, videographer and several other cameras around I choose a behind the scenes view. And if you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a mens fashion shoot, it’s a lot less glamour and a lot more pickled eggs and beef jerky snacks.  But…nothing short of fabulous.

Thanks again to We, the Timeless and Banjo Outpost for letting me be a part of such an awesome project.  Check in with them at a later date for the full story.


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We, The Timeless

Menswear is timeless.  Golden Rules like;  wide lapels mean a wide tie, brown shoes mean a brown belt, and the tie bar goes between the third and fourth button,  those have been around for years.  We, the Timeless was created to help you incorporate those golden rules into your lifestyle and maybe even teach you how to bend some of those rules.

So whether you are in need of some pointers in the mens fashion world or maybe you have a man in your life that could use some help in that department, go check out: We, The Timeless

Special thanks to co-founders Curtis and Graeme Drummond for letting me be a part of their journey, photographing them and their clothing.

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curt pattern

A-shoot 3-regina downtown denimandbowtie1


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