the ‘N’ family

Just a few weekends ago we headed out to the Reno area to visit some of our good friends and to fit in their annual family session.  Much to my excitement, I managed to convince them to pose in the sage brush, a landscape that fascinates this prairie girl.  The irony is that her family runs a landscaping business!  

But whether it’s a beautifully landscaped yard or a hills of nothing but sage brush, this family brightens up any location!n7n1 n5 n3 n6n4n12n2n11

n9 n13n10n8

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5 thoughts on “the ‘N’ family

  1. K Grillo says:

    These are awesome! Great job, as always!

  2. Brenda Bergeron says:

    Brenda (Justen’s Mom) Photos are amazing!! Captured the beauty in each personality and as a loving family!!

  3. You make a desert look gorge! Beautifully done.

  4. foofoo says:

    love the sage brush too!!!

  5. Jenelle says:

    I love the desert landscape!! Amazing photos they are an adorable family!

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