Canada day

In Canada, when July 1st rolls around we get all patriotic and stuff.  Painting our faces red and white, eating poutine for breakfast, lunch and supper, and tuning into our favourite radio stations to listen to the most requested song of the day, “Oh, Canada.”  I’ll have to say that while all those things get my inner Canadian rage on, nothing beats dressing up your best friend in a red and white flag, stamped with a maple leaf to show true authentic Canadian pride.

Big thanks to my partner in crime Jec Graham for being a good sport and an amazing model.  Add a, “I double doggie dare ya” and she’s game.  Another big thanks to Momma Graham for the donation of the flag, because even though we are super patriotic and all that, let’s face it, two broke college kids can’t afford a $60 flag. #shouldabeenagolddigger



jec0jecy jec4 jec6 jeccy9

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3 thoughts on “Canada day

  1. Love it, vanessa! Beautiful images!

  2. foofoo says:

    love #4 and the last photo! Our flag gets draped in our front window every July 🙂

  3. Jenelle says:

    Beautifully Canadian!

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