Jenn’s Runway to Reality

My youngest son is almost 10 months…so by now I SHOULD be looking fabulous and have the 2 kids out the door by 9am. But let’s be honest…some days it’s noon and I’m still in my pj’s. I mean, when the baby naps….you DO NOT rummage around in the drawers and open closet doors. Sleeping babies are not to be disturbed, even if the garbage man thinks I only own yoga pants! 

With that being said…I have enjoyed following the fashion trends this year. It’s always refreshing to buy a few new items to freshen up your wardrobe. Here are my 2 picks for this fall.

White on White. While I love all the white on white I was seeing on the runway and streets this year, I have to be realistic. When a mom wears white…it’s ASKING for muddy handprints and food smears! I decided to pair a white tee with some fun light acid wash jeans. Perfect for sitting in the sand and not worrying about not getting dirty. Not to mention the rainy season approaching…the wash on these jeans perfectly hide those annoying little splashes that get on my pant legs.

My inspiration:


My version:


Calf Length skirts.  With the temperatures dropping a bit for the fall weather…why not drop our hemlines a little too?  This is a trend that short people like me tend to stay away from. Skirts this length can cut you off and make you look even shorter. But with the higher waist, shirt tucked in and heels…I think it’s a trend that I can work with.

My inspiration:


My version:

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