Simon turns 7

I just gotta say…I hate writing.  A simple post like this takes me forever.   A day when I was struggling with words and memories, Simon and I looked up his previous birthday posts.  After having a good laugh I realized how important this collection of memories were to the boys and I.  Sooooo…here goes…

Excited about running and chess club, Simon adjusted well to the move here in Seattle.  Having his own room and a 9:00am start time on school mornings, that’s not much to complain about! Especially since he typically wakes up on the couch in our room…  Yes, you read right, he’s turning 7 not 2, but he’s my leetle bebe;)

He’s just as random as ever, and continues to keep us entertained.  Serious comments like “So basically I can do ‘O’s and zero’s but I can’t draw circles.” or “We have to wait until the spring before we can get spring water for our fish?” have us shaking our heads.  As much as he LOVES to run, he thinks hiking is exhausting.  His favorite number is 40 and his favorite color, pink.   He spent his birthday money on 30 fake snowballs and that night he fell asleep with all 30 snowballs stuffed into his pajamas.  I’ve loved the increased hand holding and hugs.  The words ‘I love you’ still have not surfaced (except once on accident) but as someone recently reminded me, actions speak louder than words.

A lot of changes over the last few months and this mama was not up for the extravagant birthday party challenge!  So Simon and I settled on having a few friends over with games, food and cake.  Big fancy party or not, this boy was happy at the end of the day:)




What’s your favorite color?  Pink

What’s your favorite food?  French fries and veggies

Favorite restaurant?  McDonald’s and I order 4 piece chicken nuggets

What’s your favorite number?  40 and 9

What’s your favorite thing about Seattle so far?  The Duck tour

Who is your best friend?  Well, remember my friend Brian in Preschool?  He only spoke Spanish.

What’s your favorite subject at school?  Story time and math

Where is your favorite place to go? Somewhere I can buy toys 

What’s your favorite song?  I have a lot of favorite songs.  All About That Bass, is one and Animals, by Maroon 5

What makes you happy?  Getting presents

What is your favorite thing to do?  Play Minecraft

You love to play board games.  What is your favorite one?  Monopoly

What do you like about being a kid?  You can fit under stuff

If you were the president for the day, what would you do?  Well, I wouldn’t hurt anyone but I would take all the money from the bank…because…I looooooove money!!

How would you spend one million dollars?  I would spend it on Pokemon cards

How do you know we love you? Because you’re my family!

Do you wish there were more people in your family?  Yes, a little sister. But not a baby, about 5 years old.


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3 thoughts on “Simon turns 7

  1. jacinda says:

    What a fun kid and love the questionnaire! Happy birthday Simon!

  2. springsideavenuedesigns says:

    I love this! Funny thing is, i can totally hear this conversation in my head. Crazy kid! Love the pics too!

  3. Jenelle says:

    Keep writing, I think you do a great job!! And the questionnaires are always fun and cute…as are your boys!!

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