Baby ‘I’ {newborn}

This sweet baby girl is loved by so many already whether they’ve met her yet or not. I did not get to meet Baby ‘I’ until she was 3 weeks old, so by the time Week 3 rolled around I was chomping at the bit! She did not disappoint. From her chubby little cheeks right down to her little itty bitty toes, she was perfection.   

I couldn’t wait to photograph Baby ‘I’ in her new place of residence. With her mother having a flair for design, especially nursery design, I knew how much preparation must have went into this particular nursery. Pretty much everything had been custom/handmade to some extent. Both Mom and Dad worked hard to add little touches that would make the new little nest unique. The hard work won’t stop there as little ones require a lot of work, but I trust they’ll do just fine;)


I13I4I1 I3I15I16I12I14I6I7I9bI8I10bI2I11


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2 thoughts on “Baby ‘I’ {newborn}

  1. sarah says:

    Sooooo sweet! I bet you’re loving all the baby time being closer to them now. Christy always has everything looking adorable – per usual! : )

  2. Jenelle says:

    Cute room and baby girl! So many sweet moments, nicely done!!

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