A Breath of Fresh Air

   A few weeks ago Curt and I planned a trip out to Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta to get our snowboarding fix in for the year. When I wasn’t plotting revenge on that FJ cruiser that cut us off to get to the ski hill one second faster, I was snapping photos faster than a hipster at Starbucks. So please, put on your 3D goggles and enjoy the show!











   Also if you get the chance to sit it out or dance… just kidding I was gunna say if you get the chance to be in Calgary, stop in at The Uncommons in Inglewood. Seriously the coolest store ever!


IMG_0876 copy

   And I feel like this post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include an obligatory selfie stick photo with dumpsters and mountains in the background. What a view 😉


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2 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. David says:

    Jealous! I didn’t get out to the hill at all this year! Love the pic with all the sky !

  2. Jenelle says:

    Ahh, I was hoping to get in a snowboarding trip this winter but no go. Great photos Vanessa of the beautiful Rockies! Inglewood = the coolest, most interesting shops!

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